ZeroBites Dog Training
Woodville-Palmerston North-Ashhurst
(only 20 minutes from Palmerston North & Dannevirke & 7 Minutes from Ashhurst)

Dog Training Classes
Ashhurst Domain, Ashhurst, Palmerston North
Sunday 25th November @ 1.30pm
The course is very comprehensive and unlike others, covers more than just dog obedience and dog behavior.

This course is aimed at teaching, basic (on lead) dog control
suitable for all of us, especially family pets. I teach you how to handle your dog in real life situations.

Suitable for dogs of all ages
Classes are kept, as age appropriate as possible

The Dog Obedience Class Teaches You:

How to Effectively Communicate With Your Dog & How Dogs Communicate With Each Other.

Commands: Sit, Stay, Recall, Down, Social Walking (loose lead/heal) Stand, Leave It

(visit Turid Rugaas website to gain a better insight on how dogs communicate with each other)

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Covers Minor Behavior's Such As: Jumping Up, Digging Holes, Pulling On The Lead etc My aim is to also promote dog safety & awareness so this class also covers:
Basic Dog Behavior & Safety Around Dogs
Responsible Dog Ownership/Dog Control Act
Introduction to Urban Agility
Dog body language how dogs communicate with each other and with us, dogs read body language a lot better than humans. All too often, owners may verbally ask their dog to do something eg: recall but the owners body language is in fact, pushing the dog away.

General Healthcare

The Basic Obedience Training Class will run 60 mins once a week for 4 weeks.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated. Small Classes (max 6 dogs per class)
If you miss a training session, I will do my utmost to cover everything you have missed but there are no make up classes.

With only friendly non-aggressive/dominant dogs
A bad experience with an aggressive/dominant dog
may course behavior problems

If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs and you would like to change that. Please contact me, so we can arrange some one on one training/behavior modification sessions, with the help of one the Canine Team.

Four x 1 hour training sessions (FAQ Sheets included)
Course Cost: $110

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