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Dog Training Classes
Woodville-Palmerston North-Ashhurst-Tararua-Manawatu-Wairarapa

Dog Obedience Classes, you will learn more and have more hands on time, spent with you
    Dog Training Classes
Ashhurst Domain, Ashhurst, Palmerston North
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With an expert dog trainer and behaviorist
The course is very comprehensive and unlike others, covers more than just dog obedience and dog behaviour.

Four x 1 hour sessions

Course Cost: $110

  • Small classes max number 6. min number 4
  • Means more individual time spent with you and your dog. You will learn more and have more hands on time spent with you, Unlike some of the larger classes.

Suitable for dogs of all ages
Classes are kept, as age appropriate as possible

We cover minor dog behaviors such as, biting, digging holes, jumping up etc  You & your dog will learn, leave it, sit, walking on a loose lead. halt, stay and recall as well as down, stand and wait commands.

Dogs read body language a lot better than humans. All too often, owners may verbally ask their dog to do something eg: recall but the owners body language is in fact, pushing the dog away.

How to prevent certain behaviours and how to handle your dog in real life situations, such as a you being approached by a strange dog. Other issues we will cover is the Dog Control Act. Also an introduction to urban agility. Please also take a minute to read the articles below.
These classes are not suitable for dog aggressive dogs. However I am more that happy to train you & your dog privately, using my training dogs. I will teach you how to handle and manage your dogs aggression. 

Starts: Sunday 13th January 2019 @ 1.30pm

Ashhurst Domain, Ashhurst, Palmerston North

If you and your dog would like to attend,

Please fill out the Online Booking Form,  OR  call or text 027 7216823