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Urban Dog Agility (Canine Parkour)
Urban Dog Agility also known as canine parkour is a great way for you and your dog to exercise and have lots of fun by using natures obstacles and everyday objects you come across, while out on your daily walk.

Some basic obedience knowledge is required but there are no barriers, with a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this.

You will be surprised what you and your dog can achieve. Combined with obedience training, it will strengthen your communication and training skills. Both you and your dog will become more confident, in everyday situations. Even nervy and reactive dogs can benefit by participating in Urban Agility because your dog will be focused on you and what you are asking it to do.

So come and join in the fun.

Introduction to Canine Parkour Class

1 x 90 minute session

Course Cost: $30

Classes start in Woodville @

Classes start in Ashhurst @

Class for reactive dogs (sml class max 4)

Start in Ashhurst:
If your dog is dog aggressive/reactive: I will need to meet you both before joining the class. To determine whether or not a class situation is suitable at that time, for you and your dog. Prior, one on one private training with one of my training dogs, maybe necessary before joining a class