ZeroBites Dog Training

Raising a puppy can be hard work; they need love, guidance, routine, consistency, boundaries and a lot of patience. Don’t be fooled by that cute face, dogs are dogs, not substitute human children.

Make sure your puppy is housed in a draught free environment and has its own space, whether it is in a kennel & run or inside your home.

Dogs need their own space and they need to learn its ok to be left alone. Otherwise you may end up with a dog that has separation issues. 

If you are going to keep your puppy in your home, confine it a certain area or buy a dog crate as you don’t want to leave your puppy unsupervised, if you are not there.

Puppy proof your home as TV remotes, cables etc are good things to chew, also keep household cleaners poisons etc, out of reach.

Socialize your puppy; introduce it to new sights, sounds & only friendly non-aggressive/dominant dogs. A bad experience with a dog, person or situation may cause behavior problems.

Even puppy and obedience classes, may contribute to problems, if not run correctly.

Utilize the critical stages of puppy development.

Young children should not pick up puppies as they may hurt them or cause a permanent injury.

Lastly, Puppies love to play but they do need plenty of rest and sleep. Young children and other pets can over tax a puppy, so supervised play is a must and so is time out, for everyone.

A Few Easy Steps for Raising A Puppy