Clients Dog Training Comments
I had good tips about dog training, especially show training. Although Reyna had some obedience techniques with her, we learnt how to hold and stand up still and also walk on a leash (show leash). Overall I think the training was effective and friendly.
Angela, Woodville.

We are so pleased to have had Elayne and her personal dog training.
My husband and I had reached the stage of dreading having visitors as our dogs were badly behaved and would jump and bark at our guests which was very embarrassing, my niece and nephew were frightened to come inside as my little dog would quite often jump up and knock them over. Elayne's fact sheets were very helpful and so handy to look back on if needed, she showed us how to teach our dogs the basic commands which to my surprise they learned quite quickly.
I have learnt from Elayne how to take a different approach to my dogs behavior, now that I'm allot calmer, surprisingly they are too.
They still get very excited when people arrive but do not jump all over them like they used to. I can now open the front door and tell them to wait, were as before the would go bolting out and nearly take me out with them!

One of my biggest annoyances was when I would let my dogs out and the neighbors dog would hear them and run up and down the fence line in a frenzy barking, this would encourage my dogs to do the same and it would be all on. I got to the stage were I hated letting them out because of this reason, now I tell them to "Leave it" and they do! We learnt allot from Elayne she is very friendly and so easy to talk to and now we have a happier home with our dogs.
Janelle, Pahiatua.

I have enjoyed the one on one with Elayne myself and my Bullmastiff Rox. Elayne  has given me lots of helpful advise about the BM breed and good training instruction. As I have such a powerfull dog I felt obedience training would be a must. I found Elayne to be friendly, and Rox and I looked forward to  training sessions. Thankyou
Rochelle, Woodville.