Clients Dog Training Comments
Manny is a male German Shepherd who came to us at only 5 weeks old.  By his first birthday, it was obvious that Manny was going to be a strong and dominant dog weighing 45kgs at only 12 months old.  At 20 weeks pregnant it was urgent that I gain control of Manny on the lead as I could no longer walk him without being pulled to the ground.  After several injuries, I contacted Elayne at ZeroBites Dog Training desperate for help. 

Manny's personality made things very challenging as he was a strong natured dog and not happy about being controlled.  Elayne's Methods were tailored to our unique situation and helped me understand why Manny was behaving the way he was.  Using Elayne's methods helped me increase my confidence when out walking with Manny. Elayne's techniques were simple, to the point and helped me understand my dog in a way I never thought possible.  Our daily walks soon became something to look forward to for both Manny and myself. 
Kira is a 2 year old German Shepherd bitch who came to us from rescue with a history of abuse and neglect.  After a year of having her as part of our family, we decided it was time to enlist professional assistance with Kira's dog aggression and issues with lead work. Kira's history made it difficult to correct her as loud voices or quick arm movements would cause her to cower and cry.  Elayne adapted existing training methods and used creative alternatives to help us deal with Kira's special needs as the standard training approach was not effective due to Kira's past. 

Several months down the track have seen Kira make vast improvements in the basics of day to day living.  We can now walk down the street and I feel confident in having full control of her on the lead.  We are able to pass other dogs on the lead or in fenced yards without barking or shows of aggression. These changes have made a huge difference to us as we now enjoy taking Kira to the park and Kira is also enjoying the increased exercise and freedom. Thank you Elayne for helping us gain control of the situation and allowing us to enjoy her for the wonderful dog that she is.
Dana & Rob Linton Camp, Palmerston North

Wow This dog training was the best thing to happen to me and my dog, Within 15 mins of being with Elayne she was walking on a loose lead, When we came home we had a totally different dog, It was the best thing that I could have done for both myself and my dog, My confidence has grown because of the techniques she has shown me, I found Elayne to be friendly,down to earth and someone that knows her stuff!! Now that we are home my dog is happier and is listening to me more, And the catch up phone calls work really well, Well worth the effort to get there and well worth the money, I would recommend her to anyone, My next dog will be going straight to Elayne to puppy school,  My life is much easier after going to this class!!
Les & Corrine, Waiouru.

Thanks Elayne for helping us so much with our Black Lab Sally. You taught us how to train her . She now walks like a young lady on the leash  , waits to eat her food until told to, and we are working on the "Drop It"command. We contacted you Elayne as Sally was biting us badly and generally creating havoc in our home . She now is a warm friendly member of our family who still has her moments but now we feel we are well equipped with the skills to handle those moments !
Pauline & Family, Ashhurst.

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