Clients Dog Training Comments
I have a 6 month old female english bull dog mastiff cross. She was such a nervy scared dog for unknown reasons, and i couldnt get her out the gate to go walking. I found Elaynes business card and gave her a call to come to my rescue! We talked on the phone for ages and immediatley I felt at ease and happy that someone was listening to me and could help me. I like Elaynes approach and ideas for our nervy dog. and after the first lesson I could see progress. She also gave me confidence in myself to tackle these problems and to feel good about myself. Every day has been a huge improvement.And every lesson we learn more and Marley the dog has become a different and more confident dog and I'm sure she is enjoying it  as much as I am. I have also enjoyed the "coffees" after our lessons to go over things and chat. Great way to meet new people and new friends. It is great value for money the phone calls and txts are no trouble to her. Marley will be an ongoing challenge I think, but we are a much happier dog and family.
Donna, Palmerston North.

I have throughly enjoyed this dog obedience course with Elayne. Its a shame its come to an end. It has really improved Bears socialisation skills and given both of us new experiences. Elayne has the ability to listen to what you require and need with regards to you and your dog. She is confident in what she is doing but is always open to new ideas. I wish Zerobites all the best for the future.
Kind Regards,
Bootsie & Bear, Bunnythorpe. 

I came to Elayne in Desperation as my dog (a mixed breed) seemed uncontrollable.  All I wanted was to be able to walk her like a normal dog and take her to the Park.  All Corona thought a walk was, was a chance to see how fast she could run while pulling me.  She was boisterous and was frequently getting into fights.  Corona has improved greatly as she now listens to me a lot better and trys harder to follow the instructions properly.  She also has a long line and a muzzle so I know I can take her to meet other animals and if there is trouble I can take control with out lossing any control.   Elayne has helped to keep me going with continual support and ideas when things have backfired or stopped working.  Elayne is a great trainer and encouragement, she doesn't hold back but tells the truth and helps to keep you going.  She is excellent with the dogs and has a wonderful dog of her own Bruno.  He is a great help while training as he sets a great example for the dog, in training.
Ruth & Richard, Palmerston North. 

The one on one training sessons that we have had with Elayne have been fantastic. With Elaynes skills and training advice George has improved so much over the last few months; he is now sittting and staying, no longer jumping on people, walking on a loose lead and has learnt to 'leave it!". The one on one training sessions that we have had were great as we could get a taylor made program to suit our our dog. Elayne has now given us the skills to keep training our dog to get him at the level of training we require. She is fantastic with the dogs and has a great knowledge of them and their behaviour which enabled us to better understand our dog which in turn has helped a great deal with training. I would really reccommed ZeroBites dog training, for us it was definately money well spent as we can see the results in our dog and we now have a better understanding of dog training.
Penelope, Pahiatua.

After the first lesson with Elayne we saw a huge improvement in our 8 month old Golden Retriever, Hunny. Hunny was becoming a naughty pup, which would jump up on people and not listen to many commands.  After the first lesson the jumping up all-but stopped. After only three lessons Hunny became way more obedient. We, as a family now have a dog we love to have around ... but before lessons we were ready to give her away. Elayne has a way with dogs and also a way of training us humans too. The time and money put into training Hunny (and myself) has been worth every cent!
Donna. Dannevirke.