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Murphy came to us, cute as a button, at 10 weeks.  By 6 months he was a terror of a terrier, dominant aggressive and we were wearing nasty scratches and bites to prove it.  We'd read all the books and watched the TV shows but it was clear that we just didn't have the tools or the skills to deal with a dog of his intelligence, cunning, energy and punishing jaws!  Although Murphy was never aggressive to other people or dogs he was determined to rule the home roost and he was winning!!!

We only wish we'd found Elayne earlier.  We were at the end of our tether (no pun intended!) when we found her site on the Internet and contacted her for an appointment.  Basically in one or two sessions she'd given us a whole bunch of easy, practical, no-cost methods and solutions that diffused the battles we were having with Murphy and re-built our confidence as his owners and 'pack-leaders'.  We used the remaining sessions to 'target' particular behaviours we wished to work on and Elayne was always able to provide many and varied suggestions regarding how best to deal with Murphy.

Home is a different place since we worked with Elayne.  Murphy still tries to push the boundaries  (like the rest of his breed by all accounts!) but we know how to work with him and can spend a lot more time enjoying his antics rather than nursing our wounds.   We also have more realistic expectations regarding his development and the amount of work involved in raising a precocious puppy to be a good adult dog.

I would recommend Elayne to everyone with a puppy, an older dog with much 'character', or anyone looking to be a responsible dog owner.  She has extensive knowledge of training techniques, quickly establishes a rapport with you and your dog, and maintains an amazing level of contact throughout your training period and beyond.  She obviously cares very much about what she does and about how to make you and your pet's life better.

So for all those owners out there who think they could use a little help don't hesitate to contact ZeroBites Dog Training...  or get an easygoing Lab ;-)
S. Palmerston North.