Clients Dog Training Comments
"I had done some training with a previous dog - some years previously. However it soon came back to me. Quite alot had changed, the approach to the dog was gentler than i remembered, this was very relevant to my situation as my last dog was a labrador and my new pup was a border terrier who could become anxious so a gentle but focused approach was required. Elayne was able to help me with this and was also very helpful with other aspects of puppy care". Ann, Pahiatua

Money well spent. Dog and owner now on the right track for a good working relationship and family pet.
Shiralee. Woodville

We took Kelly to Elayne because he was becoming a nuisance to everyone. He is a cross between a beardie and a huntaway, so was growing into a very large dog. He jumped on people and knocked the kids over, dug holes in the ground and chewed anything he could get his teeth around - shoes, boots, water blaster hoses, wheel barrow handles - you name it, he chewed it!!! We were getting desperate and thought we would have to find a new home for him. Then we saw Elayne's write-up in the newspaper and decided to give her a go and see if she could do anything for us and Kelly. Things have definitely improved all round for all concerned. Kelly is now much more manageable and more obedient. He's much improved and doesn't dig holes or chew things up so readily. He's turning into a beautiful dog, thanks to Elayne and her training methods. Her methods are easy to follow and just need time and effort to succeed. This is the first time we've tried any dog training and its been so successful, we wouldn't hesitate to do it again with any other dog in the future. Lynne & Paula. Eketahuna