Clients Dog Training Comments
When first requiring Elayne's help my canine family consisted of three (spoilt) adult toy poodles and a Giant Schnauzer puppy. When Elayne first arrived at my door step she was welcomed by canine chaos. My lessons began by instruction on how to control my older dogs and then moved onto puppy training. My adult dogs are now much more manageable with comments from my visitors and family on the improvement. The Lessons for my puppy have given me confidence to instil clear direction and discipline. Elayne gives basic training ideas that are easy to put in place. My puppy is happy and well balanced, she is accustomed to instruction and she knows who the boss is (still trying to teach my husband the same). Elayne is fun person and I always looked forward to the sessions with her. I endeavour to have a happy canine family that is not a hindrance to the people in the area I live, with Elayne's help that has been possible. I would encourage all dog owners to seek Elayne's help/direction so that we can all live in an and environment with controlled, happy dogs. Helen, Pahiatua

I am so thankful to you Elayne. If I hadn't brought Zoey to you I know I would not have coped, and she would possibly have been re-homed. Zoey still has problems, which I will continue to work on. She is a seven month old poodle x wheaten terrier with such a sweet loving nature. Unfortunately she has a very nervous disposition, and Elayne has showed us how to work together, how I need to be consistent, firm yet loving. But more than just the training, thank you for your kindness when you noticed that the real problem was me, that I was still grieving over the loss of my last little dog who tragically died six months ago. It helped me so much to speak to you about my feelings, and enabled me to open up my heart to little Zoey. I will never forget Nikita, but I have room also now for Zoey, and she already brings me so much love and happiness. I would advise anyone who wanted 'more than just dog training' to see Elayne, she definitely goes the extra mile.
Mary, Woodville

I decided to take my dog to Elayne for a bit of "behaviour modification". Prince new some basic obedience, but he also new how to by- pass what we wanted and expected of him. In every session with Elayne i learnt something new and useful. its now up to me to carry on and use all the very useful tricks and information. When I adopted prince from the SPCA, I wanted a dog who was part of the family, which meant being able to take a well behaved and well mannered boy places without people avoiding us. I now feel more in control. It is also reassuring to know that Elayne is just a phone call away if needed. Thankyou Elayne for your invaluble input. :-) 
Jacqui Dannevirke

Yes Poppit has improved and as owners we have learned a lot from Elayne. The time & money was worth it, as we as owners have never owned a dog. Poppit has improved by listening, sitting when eating & waiting. We have learned what to say to our dog the right way and the right words to say to her. I also found Elayne very helpful and had a lovely manner to us and our dog. Poppit enjoyed going there for training. Poppit is also getting better on her lead by saying "By Me" when walking. She also knows the "leave it" command well, as she gets told it a lot. 
Natalie Woodville