Clients Dog Training Comments
Her 'Switch' has been switched on! 1 on 1 course makes it easier on both dog & owner, can be more taylored to individual requirements. Good lessons - Great Lady! Our dog can't wait to get there!
Lisa, Pahiatua

It was good to get my confidence back, and realise that Jess wasn't as thick as two bricks and that she is still a juvenile. Patience and consistancy. I don't think there is a lot that Elayne cannot help you with. Thanks for your time and patience.
Marina, Pahiatua.

Elayne provided me with a one off training session which was wonderful as I lived a fair distance away. My dog is only 9 months old and very strong willed. Elayne gave me some fabulous tips and followed up with phone calls and emails. My training is going well and I am feeling more confident.
Janine, Otaki.

I don't know where to start with this testimonial, Elayne has made a huge difference on our lives. I called Elayne in desperation, we have six dogs and they had us well trained but our home was chaotic. Within 48 hours of our initial conversation life had started to change.  The lessons have been informative and I have learnt how to train my dogs. My confidence has grown and I feel I am in control of 'the pack'. I have loved the fact that Elayne loves dogs as much as I do and I have never felt judged for being 'too soft'. Every dog in the house has learned the basic commands, it has been hard work but worth it. For the impact Elayne has had I feel I have had a bargain and should actually be paying her more.  All the dogs are quieter, calmer, more obedient, listen to us and they are no longer in charge - we are! Now if Elayne phoned and said who's top dog in your house I would say us and not Poppy!! Elayne has been supportive, up and beyond anything I could ever have expected and I will be forever grateful to her.
Chris & Charmaine, Dannevirke