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Hi Elayne,
Just thought I would relay an experience Glen and I had the other night while walking Lulu.  We decided to go the other way to normal, down our street towards the main highway, many more houses, and it was dark too.  We passed a house going one way and their dogs went berserk, and had to pass it on the way home and one jumped the fence and tried it's best to get to us. I had food in my pocket and ended up throwing 4 handfuls at it to distract it, and Lulu was great during the whole mess - Glen had her leash, and she was definitely agitated but not aggressive back. Scared the bejesus out of me - certainly got my heart rate up, but we both felt all the lessons had paid off in one fell swoop.
Once again, our huge thanks for your guidance.
Robyn, Foxton

Hi Elayne,
Just wanted to say thank you for your advice! He is learning leave it (slowly) but is getting there! We bought a bitter spray and mixed in a bit more lemon juice and he is staying well away from the wall panels now. He is getting better and better with the toilet training and will now bark to be let outside and stands by the door. Of course there are always accidents if we can't get to him on time but thats not really his fault. We're yet to buy him a little rain jacket but I think that will be done shortly. His thick fur just does not seem to react well to rain and he gets cold quickly when hes wet! So all in all it is going well and I am very very pleased with his progress and very grateful for you taking out time to email me and help!
Thanks so much!, Mei, Auckland.

When our darling Ruby first started training with Elayne she had various social dog interaction deficiencies  but with time patience and overnight stays at Kool Hound Kennels Elayne has helped us to transform Ruby’s behaviour to a markedly better standard she is more confident she handles ten times better and we are so glad to put in the time and effort when we have the support of such a great training mentor like Elayne , we highly recommend if you have an issue with your dog/s you just cant beat Elayne’s expertise and knowledge to help set you on the right path to successful training.
Tom and Katie, Palmerston North    

I have throughly enjoyed it and have learned heaps myself, as well as being more confident in myself with Maani. Have learnt basic commands and she obeys much more than when we arrived. Thanks very much.
Lou & Maani, Dannevirke.

My dog has improved she is now very calm and good around people.
Karen & Maize, Pahiatua.

BJ and I are great, he is becoming a real pleasure to own, he listens now although he stll has to have his annoying
time which is about 6.30 pm each night, thats when I want to sit and relax before bed, have to try and sort it out, once again thanks for all your help, without it I wouldnt have him now.
Marie & BJ, Dannevirke.

We would like to say a big thank you to Elayne for our wonderful one onone lessons which were worth every cent!!! Our little Jack Russells are busy girls but Elayne helped us sort them in no time. We also had a heap of fun along the way. Elayne's staight up approach is very refreshing.We learnt heaps so Thanks again! Betty and Jody (Lola and Pip). Dannevirke

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